• What are Overhead Cables?

    Overhead harness cables are overhead power lines that use multiple insulated phase conductors tightly bundled together, usually with an exposed neutral conductor.

    2023-05-23 129

  • How to ensure cables’ performance in outdoor

    Cable installations face the problem of how to efficiently transmit data in a campus environment. Routing, transmission distance and application environment all affect the choice of cable media

    2023-05-23 117

  • Definition of cable

    Definition 1: Constructed of one or more insulated conductors and overlaid insulating protective layers to transmit electricity or information from one place to another.

    2023-05-23 126

  • What Provisions Should Be Followed In Selecting The Section Of The Power Cable

    The selection of power cables should follow the following principles: 1. The rated voltage of the cable is greater than or equal to the rated voltage of the power supply system at the installation

    2023-05-23 122

  • What Are Different Elements Of A Cable?

    Conductor A conductor is a current-carrying element, made of aluminum or copper, with a specific cross-section of a specified rating and a resistance per kilometer within a specific specified range

    2023-05-23 117

  • How Much Do You Know About Armored Cable ?

    Armored cable products offer distinct advantages and provide optimum performance and ease of installation for a wide range of commercial, industrial and utility applications. The unique characteristic

    2023-05-23 129

  • What You Need To Know About Airfield Lighting Cables

    Airfield lighting cables, also known as Type C airfield cables, are a special type of industrial cable used at airports to maintain runway and taxiway lighting systems that are critical to pilot visib

    2023-05-23 123

  • Coaxial Cable Technical Specs and Terms

    There is a lot to know about cables. Before we get too far, we need to look at the parts of the cable and why they matter.

    2023-05-23 117

  • Why use an Ethernet cable?

    WiFi has become more and more popular over the past few years. Advances in technology have resulted in WiFi offering faster speeds and more reliable coverage.

    2023-05-23 119

  • What is Coaxial Cable?

    Coaxial cable is a type of cable that has an inner conductor surrounded by an insulating layer, surrounded by a conductive shielding. Many also have an insulating outer jacket. The diagram below illus

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