• What Does The Twist In The Cable Do?

    The different pitch of each pair of wires is used to distinguish the magnetic field effect of each pair of wires in the transmission process and reduce the influence between adjacent pairs of wires.

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  • The Five Major Reasons That Easily Cause A Cable Fire And Explosion?

    1. Short circuit fault caused by insulation damage When the power cable is laid, the protective layer is damaged or the cable insulation is mechanically damaged during operation, resulting in the bre

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  • What Is The Basic Status Of Different Types Of Optical Fiber?

    In multimode fiber, the core diameter is 50 μm and 62.5 μm, roughly the thickness of a human hair. The diameter of single-mode fiber core is 8μm~10μm, and 9/125μm is commonly used. The core is surroun

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  • Can The Coaxial Cable Be Used As An Audio Cable?

    Audio coaxial cable: its connectors are divided into RCA and BNC. Coaxial audio is an audio interface with both input and output functions. Unlike previous audio interfaces, it integrates a microphone

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  • Optical fiber technology is used in the field of downhole detection

    In the past, the oil industry was only able to extract oil and gas reserves using existing technology, often failing to meet the need to invest in rapid recovery and maximize oil and gas recovery, res

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  • What is the Optical fiber construction method?

    Optical fiber construction method In practice, optical fibers are connected in two ways: hot fusion and cold connection.

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  • How Did People Invent Optical Fiber?

    One day in 1870, The British physicist Tyndall came to the Lecture hall of the Royal Society in Britain to speak about the principle of total reflection of light. He did a simple experiment: he drille

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  • What Is The Basic Definition Of Coaxial Cable?

    The coaxial cable is a guiding system composed of two coaxial cylindrical conductors, a broadband microwave transmission line filled with air or high-frequency medium between the inner and outer condu

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  • How To Identify The Quality Of The Network Cable?

    1. Identify the stretchability of the skin From the outside of the network cable, the network cable pairs are basically twisted into regular threads, while the outer skin of the inferior network ca

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  • Method of testing network cable

    After both ends of the crystal head are ready, you can use the network cable tester to test. If the eight indicator lights on the tester are flashing green in turn, it proves that the network cable is

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