• Method of testing network cable

    After both ends of the crystal head are ready, you can use the network cable tester to test. If the eight indicator lights on the tester are flashing green in turn, it proves that the network cable is

    2023-05-24 122

  • How to Extend the Service Life of the Power Cable

    Any electrical equipment or cable has a life span. The service life of copper core cables is between 20 and 30 years. The service life of the optic cable is within 10 years. Extending the service life

    2023-05-24 142

  • Several Conductor Production Materials for Wire and Cable

    Wire and cable is a wire product that can transmit electricity and information. The reason why a cable can conduct electricity depends on the conductivity of the conductor. There is more than one type

    2023-05-24 122

  • What are the different elements of the cable?

    Conductor Conductors are current-carrying elements made of aluminum or copper, with specific cross sections of specified ratings and resistance/km within certain specified limits.

    2023-05-24 129

  • Safety and fire power cables

    In recent years, a variety of fire-retardant, fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant fire-fighting cables have been developed in China and some achievements have been made.

    2023-05-24 132

  • How to waterproof the power cable?

    Everyone in the power cable industry knows that in most cases, the cables are far away from water sources. Once the cable is in the water, it can be very troublesome. It's very difficult to solve.

    2023-05-24 130

  • What Are The Reasons For The Heating Of Power Cables?

    When a power cord passes through a certain load current, it must heat up. As the load current increases, the surface temperature of the cable will be higher. If not dealt with in time, the consequence

    2023-05-24 128

  • The Function Of Coaxial Cable

    A coaxial cable consists of two conductors. The center line of the coaxial cable is used to transmit signals. The metal shielding net has two functions: one is to serve as a common ground for the sign

    2023-05-24 142

  • Requirements For The Safe Use Of Wires And Cables

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the communications industry, wire and cable products have also developed at an astonishing speed.

    2023-05-24 127

  • What does the color above the cable mean?

    Everyone knows that several wires in a cable have different colors. What are these colors for? Let me tell you what the colors on the cable mean.

    2023-05-24 127