What does the color above the cable mean?

2023-05-24 108

Everyone knows that several wires in a cable have different colors. What are these colors for? Let me tell you what the colors on the cable mean.

Cable sheath color specification for cable sheath color.

National standard: yellow, green, red, blue, representing A.B.C.N respectively

When circuits are identified by wire color

Black: Internal wiring of devices and equipment

Brown: Positive pole of DC circuit

Red: Three-phase circuit and C-phase

collector of a semiconductor transistor

Cathodes of semiconductor diodes, rectifier diodes or thyristors

Yellow: Phase A of a three-phase circuit

Wire and Cable

base of semiconductor transistor

Gate electrodes for thyristors and thyristors

Green: Phase B of a three-phase circuit

Blue: Negative pole of DC circuit

Emitter of a semiconductor transistor

Anode of a semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or thyristor.

Light blue: neutral or neutral for a three-phase circuit

The grounded neutral point of the DC circuit.

White: the main electrode of the triac

There is no specified semiconductor circuit.

Two colors of yellow and green (the width of each color is about 15~100mm alternately attached); safety ground wire.

Red and black in parallel: AC circuits connected by twin-core wires or twisted-pair wires.

When selecting the wire color according to the circuit.

AC three-phase circuit

Phase A: Yellow

Stage B: Green

Phase C: Red

Neutral or neutral, light blue

Safety ground wire: yellow-green

AC circuits connected by twin-core or twisted-pair wires: red and black in parallel.

Positive: Brown

Negative: blue

Grounded neutral: light blue.

Semiconductor circuit of semiconductor triode

Collector: Red

base: yellow

Transmitter: blue

Semiconductor Diodes and Rectifier Diodes

Anode: blue

Cathode: red


Anode: blue

Lever: Yellow

Cathode: red


Lever: Yellow

Main electrode: white

Internal wiring of the entire installation is generally recommended: black

Semiconductor circuit: white

In case of confusion: Allow selection of colors other than colors. Such as: orange, purple, gray, cyan, rose, etc.