Four characteristics of environmentally friendly cables

2023-05-24 180

1. Flame-retardant and fire-resistance of wire and cable: The flame-retardant and fire-resistant performance of environmental protection wires fully meets the national fire protection standards. When electrical fires occur, wires and cables are not easy to burn, and in the case of continuous combustion, the normal operation of the circuit system can be guaranteed for a certain period of time. And can greatly reduce the spread of flame after burning of wire and cable.

2. Halogen-free and low-smoke: The insulating materials and sheath materials used in environmental protection wire and cable are green materials and special oxygen barrier materials, ensuring high-quality and stable electrical performance and physical and mechanical functions while ensuring the wires. The safety performance of the cable avoids the "secondary pollution" caused by the incineration of used wires and cables.

3, the low toxicity of wire and cable itself: environmentally friendly wire and cable because of the special nature of the raw materials used, its wire and cable insulation and outer sheath does not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals harmful to the human body, in the daily use can * ** Greatly ensure our own health and safety.

4. Wire and cable will not decompose corrosive gas: environmentally friendly wire and cable is a new type of special material that is non-polluting. During use, it will not produce toxic gases such as HCL due to high temperature or other various conditions, causing damage to equipment and instruments. Smaller, more environmentally friendly features of environmentally friendly wire and cable.