How to correctly replace copper cables for aluminum alloy cables?

2023-05-24 218

The conductor material of aluminum alloy cable is made of high-quality pure aluminum as the base material, and is patented by the patented aluminum alloy formula and alloying technology. It is produced by continuous casting and rolling and meets the international and domestic standards. A new type of conductor material required by the technical requirements.

The electrical properties of high-quality conductor aluminum alloys are slightly better than pure aluminum, and the mechanical properties are much better than pure aluminum and copper. Because the conductor material is different, when the aluminum alloy cable conductor cross section is about 1.5 times the copper cable conductor section, the same electrical performance (current carrying capacity, voltage drop, etc.) as the copper cable is achieved. The tight-twisted wire technology of the aluminum alloy cable makes the outer diameter of the aluminum alloy cable of the same electrical performance only about 12% larger than the outer diameter of the copper cable.

Lishi cable manufacturer tips: aluminum alloy cable scientific and safe replacement of copper cable rules for copper cable 50mm2 (including 50) specifications, aluminum alloy cable one size, copper cable 70mm2 (including 70) specifications, aluminum alloy cable must be large Replace the two specifications to ensure the same electrical performance as the copper cable and ensure the safety of the cable.

The conductor aluminum alloy should increase the conductor cross section by about 1.5 times to achieve the same electrical performance as the copper conductor, but it can be said that the comprehensive mechanical properties such as creep resistance, elongation and tensile strength of the conductor aluminum alloy are much better than pure aluminum and copper.

Lishi cable manufacturer's product proposed: the correct replacement method is copper cable 70mm2, aluminum alloy should replace 120mm2 with two large files. If you use 95mm2 for one file, it will not meet the standard.