What are the different uses of the cable?

2023-05-24 206

In some rural areas, because rural electrical appliances are relatively less than the city, many homes are equipped with aluminum wires, because this material is not much different from copper wire, and the power efficiency is slightly lower. However, the price is much more affordable because of the different prices of the materials, so many of them are installed in rural areas. Cables also have some different performances in wire and cable under special circumstances.

Of course, this difference is mostly related to the plastic outside. In some high temperature environments, the general working temperature is about sixty degrees.

Under such high temperature, the general wire can not withstand, so the high temperature wire and cable of the sail cable shows its advantages. The high temperature resistant material used in the skin ensures that it will continue to work normally in the long-term high temperature environment. The different wires and cables of the sail cable have different advantages and can play the biggest role under the correct choice. 

For example, if the corrosion-resistant wire works under high temperature, its function is completely invisible. Qifan Cable has a full range of wire and cable to meet different needs, and more importantly, there are special personnel to help consumers buy the most suitable for themselves.