Safety and fire power cables

2023-05-24 111

In recent years, a variety of fire-retardant, fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant fire-fighting cables have been developed in China and some achievements have been made.

These cable not spontaneous combustion, there was a fire effect, in the fire to keep a certain time of electric power, communication, but also has a lot of shortage, the cable like the cable will emit toxic gases in the fire and smoke affect vision, etc., at the same time of evacuation and rescue in time also bring fatal injury to personnel.

Therefore, the technology development unit organization related technical personnel understand the usage of fire retardant cable affected areas, through the analysis of the cable, and connecting with the customers for fire retardant cable fire prevention requirements, from the structure, technological way to design a novel and unique low smoke zero halogen flame retardant ultra flame retardant sank shock resistance to water and heavy fire cable, refractory level is above 950 ℃, In addition to meeting the requirements of low smoke and no halogen for cables in fire, it is necessary to simulate the site environment and increase the ability of cables to withstand water spray and heavy mechanical impact in fire, creating conditions for personnel escape and fire rescue work.

Fire safety power cable is the improvement on the traditional fire cable, greatly solve the cable toxic gases in the fire, smoke, and can't afford to spray water and the external heavy mechanical shock cable Achilles' heel, due to the structure design is rigorous, not only for high-end fields such as military defense, and also has the very good market prospects for development in the field of civil.