How to waterproof the power cable?

2023-05-24 110

Everyone in the power cable industry knows that in most cases, the cables are far away from water sources. Once the cable is in the water, it can be very troublesome. It's very difficult to solve.

So in order to help the young people who just got in touch with the cable industry, Sino-American Power cable Co., Ltd. summed up some experience about cable waterproof.

1. Pay attention to storage. The newly purchased power cord is generally well sealed, but after a period of use, if not carefully stored, water will seep in.

2. When laying cables, avoid places close to water sources, and pay attention to avoid damaging the cable sheath.

3. After laying, the cable head should be installed in time to avoid long-term exposure of the cable mouth to air and moisture infiltration in the unsealed state.

How to solve the cable water?

1. Cable head seal, there are professional cable sealing sleeve seal cable head, prevent water vapor into.

2. After cable laying, install cable connectors in time to prevent problems.

3. Long distance cable should be equipped with cable branch box, through the dispersion of harm, the risk of water to the minimum.