How to Extend the Service Life of the Power Cable

2023-05-24 120

Any electrical equipment or cable has a life span. The service life of copper core cables is between 20 and 30 years. The service life of the optic cable is within 10 years. Extending the service life of the cable can reduce the cost of many cable transformations.

How to Extend the Service Life of the Power Cable?

1. Maintain a proper temperature, the temperature of the cable will get higher and higher during operation. Long-term operation of the power cable under high temperature will reduce the service life of the line.

2. Prevent water from entering the line. Ingress of water will increase the capacitance of the cable. This can cause near-end crosstalk problems.

3. Regularly correct and maintain the cable.

4. Cables with grounding requirements must comply with the specifications.

Outdoor Cable Placement Requirements

1. Avoid sun exposure, try to be under the eaves or in the pipe

2. Perform shading and protection on the external wall to prevent direct sunlight and artificial damage.

3. Avoid damage to the pipeline when the power cable is in the pipeline.

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