How to discern the stand or fall of quality of wire and cable?

2023-05-23 123

A good wire and cable strictly follows international standards and has strict requirements on the wire diameter of the wire and cable. How to distinguish the quality of the cable, the technical staff will introduce the method to distinguish the cable for you below.

1. Re-use your nails to scrape, cut the wire, fall off, and strip the wire. Refers to scraping with a fingernail, strangling the insulating sheath, to draw a line, strangling a piece is generally a bad line.

2. The insulated wire is broken after being repeatedly bent three or four times. Refers to the repeated bending of the insulated wire, the inferior line insulation material is generally poor, and the insulation layer will break after 3 to 4 times of bending.

3. The insulating layer of the outer layer of the wire and cable generally has a certain fire resistance, which is what we often call the industrial flame resistance. Therefore, we can ignite the insulation layer of the outer layer of the wire and cable with an open flame. If it is ignited, it can leave the fire and burn the fake and inferior products, otherwise it will be the national standard high-quality cable.

4. There are strict standards for the inner diameter and outer diameter of the wire and cable, as well as the fixed weight per unit length, and the wire and cable of the leather bag is very tight, we can decide according to the situation. Of course, this is allowed to have a certain error, the error is less than 10% is the national standard cable.

Reminder: The above is the distinction method of zmscable's cable introduction, I hope it can help you. Zmscable is a professional wire and cable manufacturer. If you want to consult online, you can ask the price and communicate with our customer service staff.