What Is Fiber Optics And What Are Its Uses?

2023-05-23 141

It is a technology, which is used to transmit information from one system to another system in a network. The information is transmitted in the form of light pulses along with a glass, fiber, or plastic strand. Fiber optics is used in those areas where high networking speed is needed.

Internet, telephones, and television are some of the telecommunication services that use this fiber optics. These are being used as they have more advantages in comparison to copper cables. The optic cable can have a few to 100 of glass fibers.

The working of fiber optic cables is very simple. The data transmit in the form of light particles that travel through the fiber optic cable. There are two major types, of fiber optic cables available and these include multi-mode fiber and single-mode fiber. If the distance to be covered is long, single fiber optic cable is used. This reduces the chances of a reduction in signal strength and also has high bandwidth.

Multi-mode fibers are used for short distances as there are chances that the data can be lost if it will cover long distances. LED is used in these fibers to create a light pulse. Fiber optics has become an alternative to the copper wire and now telephone companies are installing fiber optics.

● There are many other advantages of using fiber optics, which are as follows.

● The cable has the capability of handling higher bandwidth.

● Light can travel fast and there is no need for boosting the signals.

● Chances of interference of things such as magnetic interference are reduced.

● The strength of this cable this more than that of copper cables.