Network Analyzer Testing

Network analyzer testing process:

1、Connect network analyzer

1. Insert the power plug into the power socket and connect the adapter;

2. Insert the network cable directly into the testing port of the instrument;

3. Connect the other end of the instrument to the network device being measured.


2、Instrument settings

1. According to the user manual of the network analyzer, correctly select the type and protocol type of the tested network equipment;

2. Set the frequency range and corresponding resolution for measurement;

3. Set the required testing parameters, such as gain, noise figure, etc.


3、Collect data

1. Start the network analyzer and select the required testing mode;

2. Before testing, the instrument should be calibrated to ensure that the measurement results are correct;

3. Start testing, and after obtaining the data, you can save or export the results to other devices;

4. Analyze and take corresponding measures based on the results.



1. Before using a network analyzer, thoroughly understand and prepare to ensure smooth testing;

2. Set test parameters and modes correctly according to the requirements in the instrument user manual;

3. Maintain the stability of the testing environment and avoid external interference;

4. During the testing process, avoid unnecessary impact on network equipment;

5. Save and backup the test results for future use and reference.