Cable Ageing Testing

Cable aging test process:

1.Firstly, hang the middle part of the sample on the test bar, and hang weights on both ends. The outer diameter and weight of the test bar should be in accordance with the product standard.

2. Place the above sample components into an oven preheated to the specified temperature, and the temperature of the oven and the time the sample is heated in the oven should be in accordance with the product standard.

3. Remove the aged sample from the oven and remove it from the test rod. Cool the sample to room temperature within 1 hour without tension.

4. At room temperature indoors, fix one end of the sample on the test rod and hang a weight on the other end. Rotate the test bar so that the entire sample is wound around it, and then reverse the winding, which is called a single winding. Wrap it twice in total. When winding, the turns should be in close contact. Remove the sample and inspect the insulation surface with normal vision for cracks.

5. After conducting the winding test on the sample (step 4), perform a voltage check according to the standard regulations. The test voltage value and pressurization time shall be executed according to the product standards.