Cable Tensile Measurement

Cable tensile measurement process:

1. Turn on the power of the tensile testing machine and connect it to the computer.

2. Firstly, install the tension machine fixture onto the testing machine bench (where we use a steel wire winding fixture), and then wind the two ends of the sample onto the upper and lower slots of the fixture (the samples between the fixtures should be fine and tight, and there should be no looseness).

3. In the computer, we first set the stretching speed, maximum distance, and maximum stretching force during the experiment. Then reset to zero and click the 'Run' button to start the tensile test.

4. During the experiment, we need to observe the deformation and "necking" phenomenon of the sample, and immediately click the "letter up" button after the sample breaks.

5. Immediately save or print the data after the experiment.

6. Finally, remove the sample and turn off the main power supply of the tensile testing machine.