Cable Construction and Dimensional Testing

Cable construction and dimensional testing process:

1. Preparation: Calibration and cleaning work are required before using the micrometer. Firstly, place the vernier of the micrometer on the zero scale and ensure that the scale is clean and dust-free. Secondly, use a clean cloth to clean the micrometer and the surface of the measured object.

2. Measurement method: Place a micrometer on the surface of the measured object and gently rotate the vernier until you feel contact between the vernier and the surface of the measured object. Then, read the size value on the cursor. Ensure that the micrometer is perpendicular to the measured object to avoid measurement errors.

3. Precision control: When using a micrometer, it is necessary to control the accuracy. Pay attention to the fine adjustment of the cursor to ensure accurate readings. If higher accuracy is required, external supports or auxiliary fixtures can be used to stabilize the measured object.

4. Maintenance: After use, the micrometer should be cleaned and placed in a dry place. If not used for a long time, it is necessary to apply a layer of anti rust oil on the micrometer.

In short, a micrometer is a very precise measuring tool that requires a high level of technical proficiency and experience. The correct use of a micrometer can ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement results, while also protecting the lifespan and stability of the micrometer.